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Blue Vital tincture bottles

When walking into a dispensary, you’ll find thousands of options. Medicated lotions, baked goods, candies, concentrates, flower, cartridges– even bath soak! One product, however, is often overlooked. While your first instinct may not be to select a ti… Read more »

A man applying a CBD patch

CBD has become something of a buzz-word. Some say it’s snake oil, some say it’s a miracle cure– the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. One thing we’re sure of, however, is that CBD is everywhere. It’s in gas stations, drug stores, pet stores,… Read more »

A cannabis bud set in the middle of various flowers

What are terpenes? The word “terpene” may sound unfamiliar, but you encounter them every day. Terpenes are aromatic oils that create the different smells among cannabis strains– when cannabis flower smells like gas, fruit, or herbs, the aromas are com… Read more »

Get the flower they really want

If you haven’t finished your Valentine’s Day shopping, you only have a few more days left! Don’t panic– Territory is your one-stop shop for romancing your better half. Whether you’re spending V-Day sipping wine with your lover, snuggling with your dog… Read more »

Congratulations on our historic transition to a recreational market, Arizona! Our industry is changing quickly, so be sure to stay up-to-date on how to best navigate this new recreational territory. Prioritizing Patients Please note that Territory has… Read more »

A sincere thank-you goes out to our local press for educating the community about our ever-changing industry. Read all about it here! AZ Central/Arizona Republic Valley dispensaries see long wait times on second day of recreational sales “James Christe… Read more »

An assortment of Territory Dispensary products

Territory Dispensary is thrilled to announce that they have officially begun recreational marijuana sales at their Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert locations. This means adults over 21 in Arizona are able to purchase and posess up to 1 ounce of marijuana or… Read more »

Territory Mesa at sunset

Effective October 1st 2020, all Territory locations will extend business hours, as follows Chandler: Open 9am-10pm daily. Curbside/Pickup orders can be placed up to 9pm. Gilbert: Open 8am-9pm daily. Curbside/Pickup orders can be placed up to 8pm. Mesa:… Read more »

Cannabis tincture and buds

Whether for medical or recreational use, marijuana is primarily smoked. People can buy their own kush wherever it’s available legally, but if you’re from Arizona, Utah or New Mexico your local cannabis dispensary will hook you up with weed only for med… Read more »

Cannabis buds and extracts

Medical cannabis is typically used to treat pain symptoms. Using cannabidiol or CBD—the non-hallucinogenic extract of the hemp plant—can be helpful to patients suffering froom insomnia and anxiety, as well. But more and more researchers and scientists… Read more »

A person in a lab coat holding a small jar of marijuana

The global Cannabis market is currently worth $7.7 billion according to Forbes. That number is still expected to grow significantly in the near future, as other countries pass more relaxed marijuana laws. In the U.S., the use of Cannabis for recreation… Read more »

A small jar of hemp oil

Soon after the legalization of medical marijuana use in Arizona, hundreds of strains with varying amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) were introduced to the market. There were so many choices, and they sported names that were so… Read more »