Beyond the Bud: 4 Alternative Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis

Cannabis tincture and buds

Whether for medical or recreational use, marijuana is primarily smoked. People can buy their own kush wherever it’s available legally, but if you’re from Arizona, Utah or New Mexico your local cannabis dispensary will hook you up with weed only for medical purposes. When you find yourself too lazy to roll a joint, coughing from the smoke, or simply hate the sensation of inhaling the vapors on a bad day, there are other ways for you to feel relieved and consume medical marijuana. Here are other popular cannabis consumption methods you’re free to try:


If you don’t like putting a rolled-up joint in your mouth, why not eat your dose of MMJ? Edibles is one of the more popular alternative methods of consuming cannabis. Space cakes, pot brownies, chocolate bars or even gummies—all these can be infused with cannabis to provide you with the soothing or uplifting experience. You can cook yourself some edibles or just buy ready-made ones from your local dispensary or through online. Territory Dispensary offers ready-to-eat edibles from brands, such as Kindred, Haze & Main and Tipsy Turtle, among others.


Take a dose of highly concentrated MMJ extract with tinctures. These alcohol-based solutions offer quick absorption of cannabis compounds. It’s easy to self-titrate or measure. A 1 mL tincture drop will already give you a light buzz within a few minutes. You can increase the dosage of the tincture to find your desired dose of medical cannabis. There are tinctures that are fully CBD-based, perfect for quick pain relief or calming effect. Here at Territory Dispensary, we offer Hempower tinctures, either in 600mg or 900mg form. We also have a cinnamon-flavored tincture in the same sizes.


Medical cannabis is known for its pain-relieving qualities. As such, offering it in a topical form is the perfect way for you to consume MMJ when you’re in pain. You can use these lotions, balms and salves, apply it on the relevant area and wait until it unleashes its numbing effect. It can work on various conditions, such as headaches, migraines, skin diseases, arthritis and even menstrual cramps. Cannabis topicals can’t typically create a psychoactive high. But some products, such as transdermal patches, work like nicotine patches, delivering THC to your bloodstream. Territory Dispensary has an assortment of oils, gels and creams you can use to achieve the therapeutic effect you want to get.


If you’re not into smoking joints but don’t mind inhaling cannabis vapors, vaporizers offers an alternative for you to breathe in MMJ with better concentration than rolled/pre-rolled joints. They can be in your handy vape pen form or in huge desktop form, albeit the former is more popular for its portability and easy accessibility. Vaporizers can also use cannabis oils or dry hemp. What’s more, vaping medical marijuana is a lot safer and healthier than directly smoking the buds—that is, as long as you find reputable manufacturers for it. At Territory Dispensary, we have a catalog of vaporizer pen accessories and cartridges for you to vape on the go safely.

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