Delicious Greens: How Cannabis Gets Distinct Flavors

jars of cannabis

If you’re a seasoned weed smoker, you know that every strain has a distinct flavor and feel. And you’ve probably wondered why Tangie smells and tastes so citrusy and why the Black Cherry Soda you got from a Mesa dispensary reminds you of a drink from your childhood.

According to researchers from the University of British Columbia, these qualities come from a combination of 30 genes within a cannabis plant. These create compounds known as terpenes, which create specific tastes like fruity, spicy, or even woody.

Terpenes: An Orchestra of Flavor

You can find terpenes in different kinds of plants, specifically conifers like pine.  These are primarily used to create scents to ward off their natural predators: herbivores. In a way, the smell and taste of your joint or edible is the herb telling you not to eat or smoke them. But researchers from UBC see this defense mechanism as an orchestra with 30 different musicians playing pieces that make a unique sound, or in this case — flavor. Here are some terpenes you may recognize from one  of your many hits:

  • Pinene – This terpene is found in, you guessed it, pine. It has a fresh, forest scent to it. When you smoke it, it tastes like cooked basil or parsley.  Exposure to it may be good for your health, too. A recent study from the Toxicology Research journal found that pinene has properties that may help in healing inflammations and treating cancer.
  • Myrcene – This provides an earthy taste and aroma to your joint. You will find it mostly in strains like OG Kush. Like pinene, myrcene could also have potential health benefits. A 2016 study published in the Academic Press’ Nutraceuticals journal found that this terpene may be a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which could benefit people who have arthritis.
  • Limonene – You’ll usually find this in strains like Tangie or Wedding Cake. It has a sour, citrusy flavor. You may discover terpene in fruits like oranges and lemons. Its scent may help in relieving stress and anxiety.

Man-Made Tastes

Natural flavors from terpenes can be magnified or tamed with proper methods. Some growers soak their harvested cannabis in water flavored with different fruits, herbs, and even food-grade extracts like vanilla. The plants stay submerged for about a week before they’re cured and dried. It allows the leaves to absorb most of the water and the qualities of the flavoring agents where they were dipped. Farmers also add flavor supplements to the water they use for crops to keep the taste and aromas consistent even before the harvest of the cannabis.

Cannabis, like coffee and wine, all have distinct flavors that are unique to their manner of growing and the location of their plant. Sometimes, you may even encounter strains that taste precisely like fruits because of flavorings added after harvesting. Now that you know what makes your weed taste the way it does, you’re one step closer to being a cannabis connoisseur.

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