Territory’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Get the flower they really want

If you haven’t finished your Valentine’s Day shopping, you only have a few more days left! Don’t panic– Territory is your one-stop shop for romancing your better half. Whether you’re spending V-Day sipping wine with your lover, snuggling with your dog, burning old photos with friends, or binging Netflix, Territory has something that will improve your night!

Nebula Nectars

Planning on starting your “Galentine’s Day” celebration (February 13th) off with some mocktails? Nebula Nectar has an easily mixable syrup that’s oh-so-easy to incorporate into your drink of choice. We love their Nebula Mule with lemon-lime syrup, but with flavors like blue raspberry, guava, and tiger’s blood, there’s more than enough room to make it your own!

Sweedies for your Sweetie

Need we say more? These micro-dosed mints from Haze & Main are perfect for sharing, but we won’t tell if you polish off a tin by yourself. Got dinner plans? Upgrade your after-dinner mint with fruit punch and black cherry flavors!  

Banana Kush cartridge from Copperstate

Not only is Banana Kush a lovely hybrid for taking a walk or watching a movie with your boo, it contains higher levels of myrcene than most strains, which is commonly regarded as an aphrodisiac. We’ll let you run with your imagination on this one.

Wedding Cake live resin from Goldsmith

Drop a hint or reminisce on the most expensive baked good you’ve ever bought with this stunning live resin from Goldsmith. A classic indica-dominant hybrid, Wedding Cake is a fantastic way to lock into the couch for a late-night streaming binge to end your day.

iLava Touch

With a blend of CBD, Delta 9 THC, and essential oils, this lotion is excellent for pain relief but offers myriad benefits. The essential oils are formulated by an aromatherapist, which makes iLava Touch an excellent massage lotion. Need something to set the mood? This should do the trick.

Our Strain Recommendations

  • High School Sweethearts x Sonoran Roots– this uber-fruity hybrid creates the kind of productive, social high that you’ll keep around for awhile– maybe even longer than your actual high school sweetheart
  • Slap N’ Tickle x Item 9– A relaxing but deeply uplifting  indica-dominant hybrid, Slap N’ Tickle may just put you in the mood for some slapping and tickling of your own.
  • Lava Cake x Tru Infusion– just like the desert it’s named for, this indica-dominant hybrid is decadently rich and will leave you feeling warm and gooey

And the best gift of all…

Whatever they want! Territory is proud to offer gift cards for both medical patients and adult-use consumers– ask your cannabis guide for more information.