User Safety Guide: How Do You Possess and Consume Medical Marijuana Safely in Arizona?

A person in a lab coat holding a cannabis bud and a dropper bottle of CBD

Less than ten years have passed since The Grand Canyon state legalized medical marijuana, which gave patients legal and safe access to effective treatment options for their conditions. But for those trying it for the first time, safety is often a major concern. This is understandable given the medical marijuana industry is relatively young in the US.

Purchasing security

Medical dispensaries in Arizona require patients to present a medical marijuana card or license before they can buy anything that contains cannabis. To apply for a license, your doctor needs to confirm that you have a medical condition for which marijuana is a recommended treatment. While Arizona has an Open Records law, your information as a medical marijuana cardholder remains confidential and cannot be disclosed under the law.

Your purchases won’t be tracked, especially considering that cash is the predominantly preferred mode of payment in most dispensaries. Dispensaries are also willing to help answer your questions regarding medical marijuana, with even some allowing patients to book appointments to privately consult and purchase MMJ. This way, you can personally make sure that you are buying something that is totally safe and suitable for your needs.

Possessing medical marijuana safely

Holders of medical marijuana cards issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) are only allowed to possess and use less than 2.5 ounces of cannabis every two weeks.

Your medical marijuana should be kept at the right temperature to keep mold from growing and the buds from getting damaged. Store it at an ideal humidity level and out of direct sunlight. The best way to ensure these levels is by storing the cannabis in airtight containers. If you have edibles, make sure that you keep and consume it out of children’s sight and reach.

Safe consumption

Talk with your doctor or the staff at your local dispensary about how to consume medical marijuana safely. Depending on how it was administered, there may be some delay before you can feel the effects of medical marijuana — from instantaneous relief to several hours. Some methods of consumption may also have possible side effects.

Smoking medical cannabis, for one, may be harmful to your lungs. If you have any form of pulmonary damage or condition, such as asthma, lung cancer or emphysema, smoking medical cannabis is not a good option.

Transdermal patches can also be dangerous, as some patients develop an allergic reaction to the patch.

Other reminders

  • In Arizona, smoking medical marijuana can only be done in private. Cardholders are not allowed to smoke in public places, including college campuses, schools, bars, parks and in public transportation. Even licensed dispensaries do not allow smoking marijuana within their premises.
  • Edibles can be consumed in public places.
  • It is illegal to use your cardholder status to buy or distribute marijuana to other people.
  • Do not drive after or while taking medical marijuana. You can be charged with a DUI, unless you can prove in court that the marijuana compounds in your system were not enough to cause impairment.
  • While cardholders can own guns, medical marijuana users are prohibited from owning firearms and ammunition.

Embark on a safe journey

Choose Territory Dispensary to accompany you in your medical marijuana journey. We provide patients across Arizona with safe, high-grade medical marijuana products. Our team is passionate about supporting our customers so you can have a peaceful, comfortable and welcoming experience in our dispensaries.